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Professional Results, Reliable Builders since 2018


Throughout The Toronto GTA and surrounding cities, ROOF2FLOOR Construction brings businesses to life by creating quality buildings, interior build-outs, commercial kitchens, and more.

  • We work closely with you to create great offices and retail spaces that represent your brand well and help you serve your customers.

  • We partner with you on commercial kitchens or other specific workspaces to make sure your staff has a customized facility and state-of-the-art equipment to do their jobs well.

  • We are experts in earthquake retrofitting, including soft-story seismic retrofitting and non-ductile concrete retrofitting.

  • We are experts in warehouse construction, we plan and build warehouses that are to your specifications and requirements.

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At ROOF2FLOOR, we are developing and integrating technologies that will power the world’s most technologically connected roads.

Our mission at ROOF2FLOOR is to build the world’s most advanced roads, that are safer, offer greater throughput, improve access to affordable and high-quality public transit and shared mobility, and enable more efficient movement of goods.


At ROOF2FLOOR we work together to support the client and project needs throughout the pre-development and construction phases. We have carefully vetted systems and procedures that have developed to address all of the requirements of a custom luxury home project in a comprehensive and protective manner.

We are detail-oriented, truth-tellers and dedicated creators of the exquisite; our focus is always on seeing our projects through with the highest levels of craftsmanship. Exceptional standards, uncompromising quality, keeping both our promises and commitment to serving our clients’ needs no matter how big or small.

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ROOF2FLOOR is a Canadian General Building and Engineering Builder offering commercial and residential construction, commercial renovations, residential remodeling, and earthquake retrofitting services in the Toronto GTA region.


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